New info regarding donations to Republic of Türkiye

After devastating earthquakes which hits the Republic of Türkiye in February, a humanitarian aid campaign was organized through our Turkish-Serbian Business Association (TSBA), an SMS number for help was opened as well as account numbers for the payment of monetary donations, and information about donations was announced to the public via television channels, news as well as on accounts on social media.

The amounts collected in the mentioned donation campaigns are regularly sent to the accounts of AFAD Disaster And Emergency Management Presidency, Republic of Türkiye, and a summary of collected and transfered amounts is as follows:

  • A total of €155,653 as direct aid on TSBA accounts,
  • A total of €125,679 from citizens of Serbia via SMS campaign.

A total of €281,332 was collected through TSBA, and these amounts were transferred to AFAD’s account on 27.02.2023, 12.04.2023 and 15.05.2023. Financial aid payments will continue to be transferred to AFAD accounts.

We want to express our gratitude to all institutions and citizens in the Republic of Serbia who are helping people from Türkiye in these difficult times, hoping that such disasters will never happen again.

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