The Turkish-Serbian business association met with NALED representatives

NALED is a non-profit organization comprising of businesses, local governments, and civil society groups that collaboratively work towards improving the business conditions in Serbia. With almost 340 members and a team of 100 experts, NALED suggests reforms and implements changes to facilitate business operations, increase the efficiency of state administration, and enhance the quality of life of citizens. Since its inception in 2006, NALED has executed 215 economic development projects with the support of international partners such as USAID, GIZ, EU, SIDA, EBRD, SDC, World Bank, UNDP, and private donors.

During the introductory meeting, the President of our association Mr. Fatih Karaca, and members of the Board Mr. Uroš Popović and Mr. Boban Nikolić, met with representatives of NALED to discuss potential areas of cooperation between two associations. It was agreed in principle that both associations would support each other in their respective activities. We would like to express our gratitude to the President of NALED, Ms. Violeta Jovanović, and Membership Coordinator, Ms. Stefani Kostić for their hospitality.

First meeting of TSBA and NALED

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