At the General Assembly of the Turkish-Serbian Business Association, which was held on April 12, 2023, new members of the Executive Board were elected.

Members of the board of the association are:

  • Mr. Fatih Karaca Halkbank a.d. Beograd
  • Mr. Okan Çobanoğlu Carino d.o.o.
  • Mr. Özgür Kurtoğlu Pati d.o.o.
  • Mr. Hasan Cömert Halkbank a.d. Beograd
  • Mr. Goran Dedić Deco d.o.o.
  • Mr. Zafer Sjenarević Alizea d.o.o.
  • Mr. Uroš Popović Advokatska kancelarija Bojović Drašković Popović & Partners
  • Mr. Boban Nikolić New Logistic Concept NLC DOO

At the meeting of the Executive board of the Turkish-Serbian Business Association, which was also held on April 12, 2023, new President of the Turkish-Serbian Business Association, Mr. Fatih Karaca, First Vice President of the association, Mr. Okan Çobanoğlu and the Second Vice President of the association Mr. Goran Dedić were elected.

It was discussed about work of the association over the past 3 years, new ideas and proposals as well as future plans, which will increase awareness of members to contribute to development and cooperation between two countries and further development of economic relations between Serbia and Türkiye, as well as future activities of the association. The budget for 2022 as well as the planned budget for 2023 were presented to the members.

On this occasion, the association expressed its great gratitude on behalf of the Turkish people for the support and help, due to the devastating earthquake that hit the Republic of Türkiye. Donations paid by hundreds of individuals and legal entities to the accounts of our association, which were opened on the occasion of the devastating earthquakes, were transferred to the accounts of Türkiye’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority AFAD. Our accounts for the payment of aid as well as SMS number 1003 are still active, and we continue to collect donations.

After the session, iftar dinner was served, which was attended by H.E. Hami Aksoy Ambassador of Türkiye to Serbia, members of our association and other participants.

We use this opportunity to thank everyone for their cooperation and support, to express gratitude to our previous president Mr. Kenan Bozkurt as well as to our previous TSBA Board members. To our new members we wish success in further work.

Best regards,

Turkish Serbian Business Association

General Assembly Meeting and Executive Board Election

Photo by AA

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