Reception for the World Turkish Business Council was organized in Serbia (DEIK)

With the participation of the President and members of the Turkish-Serbian Business Association, a reception hosted by the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade was organized for the World Turkish Business Council. Ambassador Hami Aksoy urged Turkish businessmen to operate in Serbia and become members of the DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey). Aksoy emphasized the resilience of the Turkish workforce, citing examples of companies from Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep swiftly recovering and operating in Belgrade after earthquakes.

Highlighting the high-level relations between Serbia and Turkey, Aksoy mentioned that the close relationship between the two countries’ presidents has opened doors for cooperation. He also noted the increasing Turkish investments in Serbia and the parallel development of trade.

Osman Arslan, the President of the DEİK Turkey-Serbia Business Council, mentioned that they are creating investment opportunities from Turkey to Serbia. Referring to Halkbank’s expansion plans in Serbia, Arslan emphasized the economic power of the Turkish nation and pledged financial support to the business community.

Levent Sadık Ahmet, the Chairman of the DEİK Balkans Representatives Council, stated that they gathered to enhance communication among diaspora representatives and develop joint projects. Ahmet underscored Turkey’s importance in the Balkans and highlighted DEİK’s role in bringing Turkish businessmen together through diaspora diplomacy to form a communication network.

Aziz Arslan, the General Manager of Halkbank Serbia and the DEİK Serbia Country Representative, mentioned that Turkish associations and foundations have come together under the umbrella of DEİK . Arslan expressed their efforts to increase the visibility of the Turkish business community internationally and strengthen their collaborations.

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